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Meet our community

You really feel like part of the family!

Our team leaders, carers and participants work together to create a fun, rewarding and supportive atmosphere with you at the centre. We call it the Zenn experience.

Meet Laurie

our CEO

“The idea of Zenn was to create a place that took a lot of the pressures out of the NDIS for participants. Everyone is treated differently as per their needs.”

Meet Rachel

Support Worker

“What I find that differs from Zenn Ability to other companies is they do great activities … it’s absolutely wonderful, and you really feel like part of the family.”

Meet Bill


“There are so many things we can do that bring me out of my shell. I highly recommend Zenn to other people… they are so personal and very friendly.”

Meet Dean

Support Worker

“We treat participants like family… we care about all aspects of their life. I’ve seen a lot of changes very quickly and it’s very empowering. I love doing this type of work.”

Meet Joe


“I’d like to say, about Zenn Ability, they are great people. They are all great carers. I highly recommend Zenn if anybody needs any kind of caring.”

If you want to be part of the Zenn Ability family and have the Zenn experience, get in touch and we’d love to welcome you to the community.

Join the Zenn Experience

For any further enquires, contact us on 1300 99 ZENN (1300 999 366) or

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